Trump’s startling statements over India & Pakistan mediation


The US President Mr.Donald Trump in his press meet on Monday at Oval office in White House in the presence of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has made remarkable comments which triggered political turmoil in India. Trump said that he had met Modi last month in Japan G20 meeting and had discussed many political issues.  Trump has stated that Prime minister of India Narendra Modi has requested him to mediate in Indian-Pakistan’s conflict over Kashmir. He also stated that he would be happy to help resolve decades-long conflict and unrest between the two countries over Kashmir Issue. Soon after the trumps remark the US state Departement in its official tweeter account tweeted saying “While Kashmir is bilateral issue to be solved, US is ready to assist in resolving the conflict between countries”.

There were many political reasons for which Indian did not encourage third party intervention so far in this issue. Indian Foreign Minister Subramanyam Jaya Shankar has strenuously denied the statements of Mr.Trump saying he too was present during the conversation of both and Modi never asked for trumps mediation over the Himalayan region. He repeated the same statements in both houses of the parliament stating that Modi never sought any anyone’s intervention in Kashmir issue and always regarded it is as a bilateral issue to be solved among two nations. Mr. Jayashanka thoroughly confirmed no involvement of the third party in dealing with conflicts among India and Pakistan.

Ties between India and Pakistan were fragile since the partition of Pakistan in 1947. Both countries have fought two wars since then. The ties were further strained in recent past after Indian Military convoy was attacked in Kashmir Pulwama region in February 2019. The case of Kulbhushan Jadhav added further stir to the conflict.

Ironically, Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan has expressed his surprise over India’s interest of not involving any third party in resolving the conflict. Rahul Gandhi, the opposition party leader has said that Modi has betrayed the interest of India and 1972 Shimla agreement and said “A weak foreign Ministers clarification will not solve the issue”, rather he demanded clarification over this issue from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

However, early this morning a US Presidential Advisor, when questioned regarding this issue, has answered press saying “President Donald Trump does not make up things”, said the official and also expressed that it is a rude question to be asked.


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