Jofra Archer and Mark Woods reveling in pace battle

Jofra Archer and Mark Woods reveling in pace battle - inamaravati

The England fast bowling duo Jofra Archer and Mark Wood are performing each other with their terrific bowling deliveries. The debut duo in the World Cup is bowling with the speed of above 150 KMPH which is very eye- catching to watch.  Both broke the 150 KMPH barrier during their stimulating win against Bangladesh by 106 runs at the Sofia Gardens on Saturday. The Bangladesh batsmen were awe- struck while facing their deliveries.

Archer delivered the fastest ball in the tournament by bowling 153.06 KMPH, where the new record was then itself broken by Mark Wood who touched 154 KMPH to steal the swanking rights of his new bowling partner. They were exclusively the good bowling pair of the tournament. On the other hand, Shakib Al Hasan managed to secure a hundred on the same match.

  After the match, Archer exclaimed that it was very much entertaining to have speed battle with his partner Wood even though he was quicker of the both. Helped by strong wind bowling behind him, Archer struck Bangladesh batsmen Sowmya Sarkar off- stump which such a quick delivery such that stump flew off high in the air before it landed.

“It was very much sarcastic that social media is only showing his partner’s touching speed of 154 KMPH leaving his behind. I am the quickest of both. It was also indeed very much interesting to have competition from the other end. It urged me to perform better. It would be good for me to bowl at speed of 90 MPH than bowling at high speed and conceding six to eight runs in an over.” Archer exclaimed.

He felt that the bouncy Cardiff pitch helped to bowl at such a good pace and varying speeds. On the whole, I and my partner Wood are trying to improve their line and lengths for the upcoming matches in the World Cup.


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