Health Benefits of having a dog

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Dogs are furry friends of man. It is discovered that the first animal to be domesticated by early man is a dog. Studies say that humans initially trained dogs for hunting and food gathering and co-existed together. From stone-ages Dogs have been the best companions for mankind. There is science-backed evidence that owning a dog will provide health benefits. When trained properly they are of immense service to humans. They are loyal and best friends of humans. there is also a saying which says pet repay the love you share with the 10 fold. Having a Dog at home will contribute to the mental and physical well being. Here are 5 benefits of having a dog.

Stress Relievers

They are therapeutic when comes to stress-relieving. Doctors claim that playing with a dog or any pet will give great relief from ongoing mental stress in mind. spending time with dogs will aid in fighting depression and elevates mood. It also helps in controlling blood pressure.

Source of Excercise

Dog are great companions for walks. Having them around is always a constant encouragement to leave the couch and keep moving. Playing ball or dick game with dogs will improve the natural flexibility of the body. other activities like feeding, bathing is also a great way to exercise to keep you fit and active.

Long life

Studies have shown that people who own a dog poses a strong immune system when compared to people who don’t own a dog. Dog owners are less prone to heart diseases, have the ability to recover faster even have higher survival rates. Science says they also have the ability to detect cancers in just 3 hours.

They can be trained

Unlike any other pets, dogs have the ability to learn. When trained for a specific task they are excellent achievers. Many dogs are trained for commands unlike in military they also carry out household activities and can be excellent watchdogs.


Kids having dogs in their household tend to be more responsible and they develop more empathy. Kids who grow around pets possess the confidence and will develop caregiving nature. Children with pets displayed improved social skills, impulse control, and self-esteem.



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