Government to make Aadhaar-driving license linking mandatory


Union Minister Ravi Shankar has said that the government will soon make it obligatory for linking Aadhaar with driving license with a title of Aadhaar-driving license.

    Delivering his presidential address at the ongoing 106th Indian Science Congress at Lovely Professional University, here the Minister for Law, Electronics and Information technology said: “we are soon going to make it obligatory for linking Aadhar with driving license.”

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     ‘Nowadays, what happens is that the ashamed person who causes an accident vanishes from the scene and gets a duplicate license. This may help him free from penalty. However, with Aadhar linkage, you can change your name but you can’t manipulate your biometrics, either iris or fingerprints. So the instance you seek for a duplicate license, the system will detect the person already has a driving license and shouldn’t be given new one’ said Prasad.

        Through a power presentation, he said that “ This is a digital profile of India- 123 crore Aadhar cards, 121 crore mobile phones, 44.6 crore smartphones, 56 crore internet users and there has been 51% growth in e-commerce. There is 130 crore population in India.” LPU chancellor Ashok Mittel, Punjab BJP President Shwait Malik, and Phagwara MLA Som Prakash were also present on the occasion.


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