Google hangouts
Google hangouts

Google to shut down its hangout feature for users by 2020.  The tech giant has developed google hangout as a replacement to google chat, back in 2013. Since then it has been a useful product which is a chat platform for users. Google has launched Google hangouts app in play store also.

Google hangout provides many features to the user such as messaging, video calling, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) feature. For example, the companies that pay have admin capabilities to maintain the employees’ email accounts and can also maintain a domain.

There are two types of services in Google hangouts paid service and free service. Free service has the limit and it allows only up to 10 participants whereas paid service allows up to 25 participants at a time.

Advantages of google hangouts

  • It can record a session
  •  Ability to chat, upload documents, share files, video call, etc… at the same time.

From Gmail to google maps, drive to youtube, it has developed and launched many products. But, often it has pulled the chain of some of its outdated products. In recent months, Google has declared that it is pulling out the google+, due to security breach issue and now the time has come up for google hangouts.

Most recently, the tech giant has updated the Google hangout chat to Google hangout meet, targeting the enterprises through which the employees can communicate from outside their office.

The decision to shut down google hangout is not a surprising one. Because in recent years, it has launched two digital apps such as allo and duo, where allo is for chat purpose and the duo is for video chatting. But these apps are not up to the mark which is expected by the google.

The main concept of Google is to focus on the enterprise market and develop a suitable product for the enterprise market. But it is facing tough competition from Microsoft’s Skype for business. Through skype one can have meetings with a capability of 250 users to communicate at a time.


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