Effective Ways to Instantly Reset After a Rough Day

Effective Ways to Instantly Reset After a Rough Day - inamaravati

A normal day at the office can be pretty draining in today’s busy culture. Between tight deadlines, work stress and other pressing obligations that just never seem to go away, it can be hard to get back home without plopping right on the couch. It’s challenging to find the time and energy to unwind if you have a bad day. While you may not be able to instantly fix everything that’s got you down or magically remove all sources of stress, you can certainly deal with a bad day in a healthier way, and move it in a more positive direction. Try these simple and effective ways to instantly reset after a rough day.

Take a Deep Breath

When experiencing stress, your autonomic nervous system goes haywire – your heart may beat fast, you may overproduce sweat, your mouth and throat become dry and your breath turns rapid, short and irregular. To get into a better frame of mind, no matter what’s happening around you sometimes all you need to do is take a deep breath. The supply of oxygen increases to your brain and even your parasympathetic nervous system gets stimulated after deep breathing.

Create a Positive Mantra For Yourself

If you had a tough day and you need help getting over it, recite a positive mantra that will give you those happy vibes ASAP and bring back some self-love and confidence. A mantra is a thought that has created with a particular intention and decided to think on purpose. You can have a few mantras such as “I am confident and lucky in this world,” or “It was just one day and tomorrow is brand new”, prepared in advance so that you can turn your bad day into a good positive day.

Try Journaling

Channel your emotions through pen and paper to reset after a long day. Writing down your feelings can improve mental and physical health, for both the short- and long-term. The unique thing about journaling is that when you write with pen and paper you’re engaging a particular part of your brain that handles the creative side and releases specific emotions. Journaling will help you get rid of any negative thoughts and reset for positive very quickly and very easily.

Get Your Exercise On

If you’re in a negative rut after a busy day, lace up your sneakers and get active. Shake things up and move a little. It is better to get your blood flowing and clear out that fog that seems to take hours to clear. Exercise such as fitness training cardio and yoga releases serotonin and dopamine which assist with giving you a boost of the happy chemical and also make you physically feel better which in turn makes you mentally feel better. Release your emotional stress by engaging your body and mind.

Go Out in Nature

Nature has a profound effect on easing anxiety and promoting greater health and well-being. Meditate in a lush, green patch of grass or a nearby park or take a brisk walk when you had a bad day and need to unwind. Just looking at greenery and trees, in particular, can lift your mood and mitigate stress, so if you’re stuck indoors, take a peek outside your window and see what trees you can find nearby. Nature also provides challenges that spur individuals to increased self-confidence and creative problem-solving.

Seek Out Citrus

Grab something citrusy and let the aromas work their magic if you’re desperately trying to unwind. One of the quickest ways to reset is to take orange essential oil with you in a decanter and rub it on your wrist and pulse points every time you feel stress. This will ground you and makes you feel less stressed almost instantly. Lemon balm and foods containing lemon can improve mood and cognitive abilities. Keep a lemon balm on hand so you can slather some on when you’re in need of a quick reset. 


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