China: 44 killed, 90 injured in chemical plant blast


Death toll in a massive explosion at a chemical plant in eastern China surged to 44, with another 90 people seriously injured said state media. It was found that the plant stands with a long dismal record of safety violations.

Thursday afternoon’s blast at the Tianjiayi Chemical plant in the city of Yancheng is China’s worst industrial accident in years. The city government said nearly 1,000 area residents moved to safety as of Friday as a precaution against leaks and additional explosions.

The blast was so powerful that it apparently triggered a small earthquake, knocked down several factory buildings and the force shattered windows of homes as far as 6 kilometres away.

More than 900 fire-fighters were deployed to battle the raging fire through the night. The Yancheng city government said 3,500 medical workers at 16 hospitals had been mobilized to treat the injured.

China has long struggled with failed industrial safety. In November a series of blast in gas plant in northern Chinese city of Zhangjiakou killed 24 people. In 2015, an explosion at a chemical warehouse in the city of Tianjin killed 173 people.


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