Chandrayaan-2 lifts off with flying colors

chandrayaan-2 , lifts off with flying colors - inamaravati

Chandrayaan-2, Indian’s second Lunar mission was successfully launched from Satish Dawan Space station in Sriharikota today at 2.43 PM. Addressing the media after its successful Launch the Chief of ISRO Dr.K.Sivan said that it is a flawless launch and appreciated his team members for their tireless effort. The mission which is initially scheduled to launch on July 15 was called off as the team encountered a technical snag. The mission was called off just 56 minutes before the launch. The glitch was rectified within the next 24 hours and made perfect qualifying all prerequisites of the mission said an official. Chandrayaan-2 is a complete indigenous mission of India. Every Indian should take pride in it says Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his tweet a few minutes after the successful launch of the mission.

Chandrayaan which means ‘Moon-craft’ in Sanscrit is a lunar probe designed to soft-land on moons south polar region where no other space agency on earth has ever reached.Chandrayaan-2 module consists of an orbiter, Lander named ‘Vikram’ and a Rover named ‘Pragyaan’. The orbiter is programmed to orbit around the moon for 12 days. The landing would be attempted on 48 the day of the mission which is on September 7. On this day Lander Vikram is programmed to leave orbiter and make its attempt to soft-land on the moon which is mentioned to be the crucial part of the mission. Upon soft landing, on the moon surface, Rover Pragyaan will roll over and will start mapping moons surface.

The 20- hour-long countdown of the mission started late on Sunday. GSLV-Mk-iii, ISRO’s most powerful launch vehicle has launched Chandrayaan-2 in earth’s orbit with 16.20 minutes of its take-off from the launch pad. After its successful launch, ISRO received many congratulation messages from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Minister Amit Sha and the first to congratulate was Nations Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitaraman. Bolly wood actor Sharuk Khan also posted a message congratulating team ISRO.

The project was first sanctioned funds by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the year 2008. Earlier it was postponed twice on account of glitches and up-gradation of the mission. This 985 crore rupees mission which aims to take a billion dreams to the moon has imparted the spirit of science in every Indian’s heart with its Magnificient Launch.


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