Artificial Intelligence and ‘The Future’

Artificial intelligence - inamaravati

The advancement of computer technology and large amounts of data that is generated in the recent past has paved a path for the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. In contrast to Natural Intelligence exhibited by humans. Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to think on their own. Machines imitate the cognitive abilities of a human being for learning and problem-solving. Machines or robots are designed and programmed for a specific task to produce an output in a manner similar to the thinking process of humans and to exhibit  problem-solving abilities just like humans.AI helps in solving complex problems that humans cant solve like smart disaster management, early predictions of the climate, relief management any many such areas of science.

The Science of Artificial Intelligence(AI) is to engineer a device and stimulate it with a computer program that enables it to mimic human-like cognitive abilities in problem-solving and reasoning to accomplish the task for which it is designed. AI as a science has many related fields to it like data science, Machine learning, neural networks, Internet of things and robotics. This technology that implants human thinking into a machine has made itself applicable to many fields and hence its vast range of applications possibly in any field. Many countries have recognized the potential of AI and had introduced this science into the academic curriculum. Many universities have designed graduation and post-graduation programs as the demand for skilled personnel is the need of the hour.

Experts foresee an employment shift in the near future, where personal with a new skill set will be of high demand. By 2022, 36% of India’s workforce will be shifted to new skilled jobs. The manufacturing sector will adapt to automation technologies. It is unfortunate that most of the people mistook Artificial Intelligence with automation and regarded it for job loss and crises. Experts expect a huge demand for the Artificial intelligence workforce in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence helps save the planet and contributes to protecting the environment. Monitoring systems along with the Internet if things and drones for surveillance will help track the air, soil, and water quality in real-time and contributes to taking preventive steps from time to time. Scientists have discovered the potential of AI in natural disaster prediction and recovery.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence are of an extremely wide range like entertainment, education, health care, e-commerce, transport, retail sector, Manufacturing, Self-driving cars, face recognition, and the list goes endless. Application of artificial intelligence to renewable energy technology like solar with making it cost-effective and reliable and decrease in fossil fuel usage.


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