Amar Akbar Anthony Movie Review Rating – Mediocre film

Amar Akbar Anthony Movie.
Amar Akbar Anthony Movie.

Amar Akbar Anthony review: Mass Star Ravi Teja starrer Amar Akbar Anthony movie released. Srinu Vaitla and Ravi Teja teamed up after a long time, but this movie has shown a bad phrase. After Devudu Chesina Manushulu movie, Ravi Teja and Ileana paired again after a long gap. Their combination is one which gives the film a natural look.

Srinu Vaitla played multiple roles off the screen by directing, screening and writing. The movie is bankrolled by Naveen Yerneni and published under the banner of Mythri Movie Makers. The production house behind the screen gave the required publicity. Watch Amar Akbar Anthony Movie Review.

Amar Akbar Anthony Movie.
Amar Akbar Anthony Movie.

Amar Akbar Anthony Cast and Crew:

Movie Name: Amar Akbar Anthony.

Genre: Action, Drama.

Cast: Ravi Teja, Ileana D’cruz, Vennela Kishore, Sunil.

Director: Srinu Vaitla.

Music Director: SS Thaman.

Producer: Mohan Cherukuri, Y.Ravi Shankar and Naveen Yerneni.

Release date: 16, November 2018

Runtime: 2 hrs 33 mins.

Amar Akbar Anthony Review:

Story Plot:

Amar as Ravi Teja and Aishu as Ileana were childhood friends in New York. Their parents are killed by a gang. Amar kills a man for attacking Aishu and Amar is prisoned for 14 years.

In meanwhile, Aishu changes her name as Pooja and takes a new identity. Amar takes the role of Akbar sometimes and Anthony the other times. Why is he doing this? Does he have a desire to take revenge on the killer gang?

Though Amar and Pooja have met so many times, they failed in knowing their true identity. Rest of the movie deals with how they would know their true identities and how will they take the revenge.

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Amar Akbar Anthony review.

Amar Akbar Anthony Cast Performance:

Ravi Teja disguised in three different roles. In all the roles he gave a stunning performance with his mass gestures. He is in his elements in the role of Akbar. Ileana after a long gap in Tollywood returned back with her own dubbing, which can be listened repeatedly.

Former leading actress Laya and her real-life daughter made a remarkable performance. The villain gang Vikramjit, Aditya Menon, Tarun Arora, and Abhimanyu Singh justified their roles.

Technical Aspects:

The film has good technical aspects with good production value. The picturesque of the film was so beautiful and the credit adheres to Venkat Dileep. Most of the shooting took place in New York and the US were the silver screen was apparently lavish.


Lavish production Values.


Weak music.

No emotional connectivity

No flow in the movie.

Perplexed screenplay.

Amar Akbar Anthony Rating: 2.5/5


Overall this is just a mediocre film for Srinu Vaitla. As Anthony, Ravi Teja delivers a dialogue, I am strong, you are strong and we are all strong, just relax. So one should be strong in order to watch this film. Watch this movie if you are a fan of Ravi Teja or Ileana. Amar Akbar Anthony Rating: 2.5/5.


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