A cave on Polavaram Road Raised heartbeat of people.

Polavaram Cave
Polavaram Cave

Villagers suspect that is a sign of major impending earthquake and also suspects that officials might wash their hands off from the Polavaram road by citing mud crack is the reason for the caving in of the road leading to Polavaram project and the same was headed by Polavaram Project Chief. V. Ramesh Babu said that the cracks developed due to evaporation of the moisture content in the mud leading to a mud crack as sighed my the townsperson. He also stated that the crack has appeared in the service road, but the diversion road which carries construction materials has also been in need of repair.

But a deeper analysis into the deep cuts on the metal roads, tells that it is a clear-cut case of ground subsidence or land and not the mud crack. These mud cracks usually appear in the agricultural lands or area that are formed of soils made of mud, but the cracks here are deep and shallow extending up to 5 km.

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Satyanarayana, the environmental Activist said that “only a thorough scientific research would reveal the story of hollow crack behind it. The area is environmentally feeble and it is a hand distance to Godavari river. A large Godavari dam is under construction just a few km away from the area where the road is caved-in.

“Non-earthquake crevice hooked up with subsidence land should be analyzed in detail. Such things appear during rear conditions like a heavy load on the ground, extinct river courses and overdrawl of groundwater” Satyanarayana spoke.


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