75% Jobs for Locals in Andhra Pradesh

75 % jobs in ap-inamaravati

The State Government of Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday has successfully passed the AP Employment of Local Candidates in Industries and Factories Bill, 2019 which mandates reserving 75% jobs to local candidates of the state. This policy has made state government to be the first state in the country to reserve jobs for local candidates in all private Industries, Units whether or not these industries get financial help from the government. This project aims at providing three forth of all jobs in local industries, factories, joint ventures and projects set up under public-private partnership ventures within the period of three years. In the absence of qualified youth, the industries must provide training for youth in collaboration with the government of AP. This Bill will reportedly apply to all existing industries in the state and also to those that are to be established in the future.

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy has claimed that it is a Pro-industry move of his government. He also said that he is very much moved by problems faced by youth in finding employment within the state. Many of them are opting to migrate to other cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and even to other countries in search of employment. He assured that there will be no corruption at any level of governance.he promised to adapt and stick to transparent operations of the Industrial policy. He said this policy will make people to accept industry and thus paves the way to prosperity. He announced that skill development center will be set up in every Lok Sabha constituency to train educated youth with new skills required for the industries. He said that the government will fund the training purposes of the youth. He also said that the government expects nothing from the investors except employment for its youth.

The opposition party leaders of the state proclaimed it to be a destructive industry policy and would hamper the development of the state. Andhra Pradesh after its bifurcation is in a desperate search for investors and policies like these would furthermore discourage the investors. Telugu Desam Party leader, Kesineni Nani in his recent tweet referring to the policy said that Power in Jagan Mohan reddy’s is like a stone in mad man’s hand and claimed it to be the unfair decision of Chief Minister.


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