7 Signs You May Have an Inferiority Complex

7 Signs You May Have an Inferiority Complex - inamaravati

From time to time, everyone feels down about themselves, especially when you feel like others are doing better in life than you are. It’s common to feel that way. But if this is a constant feeling and you’re acting out in ways that are harmful to you or others, experts say, you may have an inferiority complex. An inferiority complex will not only hurt you but those around you. To manage these feelings, you can try practicing self-love through positive words of affirmation. You can also try using positive self-talk daily, journaling can also help you work out your feelings of inferiority and of course, therapy can also be beneficial. The readout for the 7 signs that infer you have an inferiority complex.

Withdraw From Society

Many of us dislike going out and having to socialize, and for many different reasons. But if you actually withdraw from society, then just think why do you. Is it because you don’t want to hear what others have to say about you? Do you worry that people will find out that you are no good? Staying in so that you avoid any comparisons with others is a sign you feel inferior.

Ultra-Sensitive To Criticism

People with an inferiority complex are highly sensitive to what others think and often take offense even when no offense is intended. Any kind of criticism may or will stay with you for a long time. You don’t respond kindly to teasing or jokes made at your expense. You try to cringe or shy away from the smallest bit of advice. Think about how you will grow as a work colleague or even as a person if you never receive feedback?

Have A Tendency To Find Faults In Others

You may have a habit of finding faults in other people when you have an inferiority complex. For instance, you may have a friend whom you feel is more successful than you. If you have feelings of inferiority, you might tell yourself that their career path isn’t as great as they make it out to be rather than feeling happy for them. Some may even take it a step further and will bully others or constantly put them down.

Lack of Self Motivation

If you just cannot seem to motivate yourself or talk to your own self positively, then this is another symptom or indication that you may be having an inferiority complex.  Lack of self-motivation means that you just cannot find good things about yourself in comparison to others. When a person is motivated to accomplish something, they usually have a strong reason to do it as motivation is the driving force many. 

Try to be a Perfectionist

Inferiority and perfectionism often go together because both are usually rooted in comparison. To a perfectionist, nothing they do is ever good enough. Ironically, enough perfectionism usually worsens someone’s quality of work. Perfectionists are their own worst enemies. You often experience high levels of stress that impact all other areas of your life.

Procrastinate Often

Is it hard for you to start projects or tasks? If you are a constant procrastinator, it could be because you fear that whatever you do it won’t be good enough, so why bother even starting? You may become emotionally so sensitive to failure that you avoid trying at all. And to reach success, it usually takes a million little failures, you end up trying nothing and accomplishing nothing. 

Need Constant Validation

Are you always asking other people’s opinions about things you’ve done? Or if you have done something, do you then need to be complimented about it? This could stem from your childhood if you did not receive praise from your parents. At this early stage in your life, pleasing your mother and father would have boosted your self-esteem. 


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