3.5$ billion APP project – India’s largest FDI to Andhra Pradesh, Prakasam district

India's largest FDI

Andhra Pradesh to handle the largest FDIs in greenfield mission is going to set up in Coastal Andhra Pradesh’s Prakasam district. Indonesia Pulp and paper large Asia Pulp and PaperGroup (APP Project) is setting up the biggest paper mill on a single site which is India’s largest FDI  greenfield project on site.

The company has already identified 2,500 acres site along the coast in Prakasam for the project, which would make it easy for them not only to import the raw materials but also to export the furnished products. The APP project would directly or indirectly produce approximately 15000 jobs to in and around Prakasam district.  

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The unit will be producing all kinds of paper which would be utilized for different purposes such as packaging, printing, writing and also for specialty usage. Andhra Pradesh Economic Board Development CEO J Krishna Kishore confirmed the development by publicizing that, “I understand that the 3.5$ billion projects which is India’s largest FDI, would supply direct jobs to 4000 and indirect jobs to 10,000 apart from benefitting 50,000 pulpwood farmers”.

He further added saying that the Government has already acquired 50% of the land for the project and is in the process of acquiring the remaining. He also indicated that the groundbreaking ceremony of the APP project is going to take place in a month, after penning the MOU which is going to be held in the next week.  


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