10 ways to increase Metabolism for quick weight loss


Metabolism can be described as chemical reactions happening in the body of any organism. It is a process through which food is converted into energy. The metabolic rate varies with every individual as it depends on various factors like age, sex, activity level, muscle mass and also genetics. An Individual with a higher metabolic rate tends to burn more calories which makes weight loss journey easy. Higher Metabolic rate also helps in keeping active with improved cognitive levels. Here are ten simple ways to improve metabolic rate which aids in weight loss with ease.

  1. Plenty of protein

More calories were burned digesting protein when compared to carbohydrates or fats. Eating protein also keeps belly fuller for a longer time as it takes a longer time for the digestive system to digest protein. Replacing carbohydrates with lean-protein rich foods can increase metabolism in due course.

2. High-Intensity workout

It is scientifically proven that people who trained in High-Intensity workouts have increased metabolic rate. Doing a HIIT workout will aid in a higher degree of weight loss when compared to other forms of exercise.

3. Drink cold water

Consuming water as first thing in the morning kick starts your metabolism. Sipping water all through the day speeds up metabolism. In Fact, drinking cold water can burn even more calories as it consumes more energy to heat up the cold water to body temperature.

4. Avoid stress

Stress affects the overall well being of the human body. Stress and mental agony will destroy brain cells along with physical damage. Stress affects hormone production in the body. when in stress Cortisol which is also known as the ‘hunger hormone’ is released abnormally causing an eating disorder which in turn decreases metabolism.

5. Vitamin B

Vitamin B is a vital element required by the digestive system in converting carbohydrates and fats to energy. Vitamin B deficiency causes to decrease in metabolic rate, fatigue, and lethargy. Adding Vitamin B rich foods like melons and spinach will result in improved metabolic rate.

6. Drinking Green tea

Green tea promotes fat metabolism as it has the ability to convert fats present in the body to free fatty acids which increase fat-burning by 10-17%. It solves the problem of weight loss plateau that occurs due to a decrease in metabolism.

7. Eating spicy foods

Adding Red chilies, Green chilies and other kinds of pepper will boost metabolism as they all contain a substance called capsaicin which speeds up metabolism by 10-20%.

8. Get Good Sleep

Having very little sleep or no sleep adversely affects the metabolism of the body. It causes to produce hormones like Ghrelin, leptin which makes a person feel hungry. This disturbs the metabolism of the body. Having good sleep also ensures hormones to be balanced.


Studies have shown that drinking coffee has increases metabolism by 29 %. Caffeine in coffee can potentially increase metabolism by 3-11%. However, caffeine show varied results in different individuals.

10. Coconut oil

The unique fatty acid profile of coconut oil makes it replaceable with all other oils. It has medium-chained fatty acids which can increase metabolism by 10-12%.


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